6 Tips on Where to Buy Shrooms Online

tips to buy psilocybin mushrooms

Have you ever felt your focus and performance decline for no apparent reason? Or that paralyzing feeling of anxiety just lurking around the corner?

Well, you’re not alone. Research suggests that there’s a rising mental health concern and it’s being ignored.

People are feeling more depressed, stressed out, and dissociated.

Experts warn against neglecting our mental health. It’s as unwise as ignoring a broken limb, hoping it will heal itself. The problem is, it won’t.

You probably know this already. Thus, you’ve decided to take a step towards improving your mental health.

And there’s no better natural alternative than psilocybin mushrooms. They’ve been known to heal depression and anxiety, relieve symptoms of PTSD, and combat addiction.

Essentially, shrooms are mother earth’s little gifts to humanity. Their healing powers are only part of the reason they’re called magic mushrooms.

Whether you’re looking to improve your well being or mental clarity, magic mushrooms can help you.

But buying them from the wrong vendor can be dangerous.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered on that front.

Read our top tips for buying magic mushrooms online and you’ll be on your way to a better you.

See you on the other side.


6 Tips to Safely Buying Mushrooms Online

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Only Buy Magic Mushrooms From a Legitimate Source

Legitimacy is key for any online store selling magic mushrooms. A shady vendor is the biggest red flag when it comes to buying magic mushrooms.

If the site inspires doubt, it’s best to skip the purchase entirely.

A legitimate vendor will always have an official website with clear terms and conditions. A contact section is another good sign of trust and reliability.

Their psilocybin products should have legitimate branding and labels as well.

And most importantly, you should buy from a brand with a clear mission. Which brings us to our next tip.

Buy Your Mushrooms From a Vendor Who Cares

Mushroom therapy is among the most intricate fields of study. If your vendor is only driven by profits, then chances are their products are subpar.

Underdeveloped psilocybin products may cause a bad trip after ingestion. They might even present other potential health issues.

Never consider a vendor who’s only out for your money. Instead, find one who’s out to improve our collective human psyche and well being.

Your vendor should have a clear mission to help others. And subsequently, a passion for the life-changing effects of psychedelic mushrooms.

At Mind Mend, we’re very clear about our mission. Our empathy for people with mental illness is what unites us.

Our goal is simple. To help people transform their relationships with others and themselves by providing safe access to psilocybin mushrooms.

Steer clear of any magic mushroom vendor who doesn’t show the same level of openness and engagement.

Never Buy Psilocybin Products Without a Dosage Chart

Dosage is essential when it comes to ingesting magic mushrooms. It’s just as important as with any other medication.

Although the LD50 for magic mushrooms is so high, you’d have to eat at least 1.7kg to be in any real danger (and that’s a lot of shrooms!).

Nevertheless, ignoring the dosage chart might launch you on a 6-hour heroic journey in the middle of the day. Or even worse, you won’t achieve the desired effects.

For safe use, make sure to consult a dosage chart when you buy magic mushrooms. This will guide you in finding the benefits you’re looking for.

Learning to correctly read a dosage chart for shrooms is vital. Make sure to have this under your belt before you buy shrooms online.

If you want to increase your mindfulness and relieve some stress, a low dose is all you need. But a macro dose might be required to alleviate depression and give way to deeper introspection.

Neglecting our mental health crisis has been a rising concern. Finding the right dosage for yourself is a collective step forward.

Only Consider Research-Backed Mushrooms

With the legalization of psilocybin across multiple countries and states, the era of back-alley drug deals is ending.

Those of us looking to improve our mental health no longer have to risk buying from shady dealers. You shouldn’t trust your online vendor on their word. After all, you don’t have to.

You can buy research-backed magic mushrooms online. If your magic mushroom provider doesn’t lab test their shrooms, don’t put the products in the cart.

Instead, look to buy from an online vendor with well-researched products that are safe to use.

Remember that you aren’t just buying shrooms, but peace of mind altogether. This will significantly reduce your chances of having a bad trip as well.

Look for Social Proof

Customer review
Mind Mend Reviews

Check out product testimonials when looking to buy magic mushrooms online. This is essential for two reasons.

First, it’s a sign that the vendor is trustworthy. It shows that you’re not the first one to make a purchase. After all, you don’t want to be first at the party. Especially if the party involves buying shrooms online.

Second, it’s a sign that the mushrooms are high-quality and consistent. Testimonials only come from satisfied customers. If you see other people benefiting from the vendors’ shrooms, so can you.

Know Where Your Mushrooms Are Coming From

You found an online vendor and it all checks out, except for one thing. There’s no information about where the mushrooms are coming from.

This is a huge red flag; don’t buy the shrooms. For all you know, they could be contaminated or grown in someone’s garage.

There’s plenty of online vendors who are transparent about the origin of their mushrooms.

At Mind Mend, we pride ourselves on how we source our mushrooms. We exclusively work with local farmers in Vancouver to produce the highest quality psychedelic mushrooms.

Our mushrooms are grown without any pesticides or GMOs. Mother nature intended them that way. So why should we ruin it?

Eager to Find Out More?

Do you think you could benefit from mushroom therapy? Did we spark your curiosity?

That’s good because there’s never been a better time to unlock the benefits of psychedelic mushrooms.

Our goal is to offer you both the tools and the knowledge you need to have a successful experience.

Visit our blog now and start learning about the facts and benefits of magic mushrooms.

The road to collective healing starts today, and it starts together.


Featured Image: unsplash.com by Külli Kittus

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