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The ice cream man

John Harrison has a gold spoon, a silver tongue, and a taste for butterfat.

John Harrison pulls a gold spoon from his shirt pocket and dips it into a container of vanilla ice cream. He brings the spoonful to his mouth, turns it upside down to place the ice cream directly onto his tongue so it can connect with the 10,000 taste buds that tell him if the ice cream batch is balanced and consistent. He smacks the ice cream in his mouth, drives the bouquet of tastes and smells up through his nostrils and olfactory nerve, then let's five seconds pass before evaluating and critiquing the dessert.

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Harrison is the Official Taste Tester for America's largest ice cream company, Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream. He has tasted and approved over 200 million gallons of ice cream. And because of his talent, his tongue is insured for $1 million.

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