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  • Clinically Proven
    Clinically Proven
  • Superior Quality
    Superior Quality
  • Loyalty Rewards
    Loyalty Rewards
  • Discreet Packaging & Privacy
    Discreet Packaging & Privacy
  • Precise Dosing
    Precise Dosing
  • Excellent Customer Support
    Excellent Customer Support

Feel The Difference

Clinically Proven
Superior Quality
Loyalty Rewards
Discreet Packaging & Privacy
Precise Dosing
Excellent Customer Support

Benefits of Psilocybin

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Mind Mend Reviews

  • Tung Le’

    Very knowledgeable staff and honest. Walked me through my first experience and you can tell these guys want to legit help people. Needed advice when it came to coming off medications and they were super helpful.

    - Tung Le’

    Summerside, PEI

  • Tricia Patterson

    I love these guys, but the one problem is that they are out of stock from time to time. Other than that they have great customer service and great products.

    - Tricia Patterson

    Dartmouth, NS

  • Bruce Ingraham

    I’ve tried lots of products on the market and they seem very inconsistent when it comes to dosage and quality. Mind Mend has never let me down. Top notch quality with consistency.

    - Bruce Ingraham

    Medicine Hat, AB

  • Jennifer Thompson

    I was stuck in an abusive relationship for years and it wasn’t until I had an experience with magic mushrooms that it gave me the confidence and self worth I needed to leave.

    - Jennifer Thompson

    Moncton, NB

  • Nick H.

    I’ve battled with social anxiety for most of my life. Microdosing psilocybin has given me the ability to connect on a deeper level with people that I never thought was possible.

    - Nick H.

    Regina, SK

  • Tyler Bishop

    As a war veteran from the Iraq war I was diagnosed with complex PTSD. I have lived the better half of the last 10 years wanting to disappear. Mind Mend has gave me my life back.

    - Tyler Bishop

    Victoria, BC

  • Judith Marie

    For the majority of my life I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression. I have been to more doctors that I can count. I can’t believe that the pharma crooks are still in business. Mind Mend has changed my life!

    - Judith Marie

    Collingwood, ON

  • Carl Ray

    I am living proof that mushrooms can help people with addiction issues.

    - Carl Ray

    Edmonton, AB

  • Kathie Pearlman

    I just recently rediscovered mushrooms after 30 years. I love how the next day my mind isn't so loud and I can focus. I need to learn more about how this amazing product works!

    - Kathie Pearlman

    Nelson, B.C

  • Why Microdose?

    Microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms has been clinically proven to enhance many aspects of daily life. People can experience benefits ranging from a boost in brain function and creativity to help treating addiction and mental health disorders.

    Psilocybin works by boosting neuroplasticity which helps clear pathways in the brain that can get clogged with unnecessary clutter. Scientists are looking at psilocybin as an alternative to prescription medicine when it comes to treating anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD.

    The advantages to microdosing include improving focus, creativity, social skills and general state of mind without impacting the ability to perform daily tasks.

  • Why Macrodose?

    Macrodosing magic mushrooms is different from microdosing because the doses are larger and less frequent. The user experience is a full body psychedelic trip that can often include visionary and auditory hallucinations.

    It is recommended that people spend time in preparation with things like a restricted diet and meditation leading upto the journey. A controlled setting where the person feels safe is important. For someone inexperienced with magic mushrooms, it is recommended that they are in the presence of a guide or a trip sitter since there is a chance of an uncomfortable encounter with the medicine. Sometimes it may be hard for someone to navigate challenging experiences on their own.

    After the magic mushroom journey, the person should set aside time to reflect and process the insights they’ve learned and integrate them into their life.This can be aided by seeking out a psychedelic psychotherapist for pre and post shroom trips.

    A macrodosed psilocybin journey can provide a large amount of emotional and spiritual healing in a short amount of time. Through this healing, a person can notice positive shifts in their behaviour and mood.

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