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What is the best way to take mushrooms?

That’s up to you to decide! In general, the best way to consume shrooms is via non-shroom forms. We have several different products for you to choose from, including tinctures, capsules, and gummies.

This is because mushrooms taste pretty bad. They can also be uncomfortable and the strength is hard to predict. Microdosing a reliable product ensures that the dose has been measured and is safe, and also won’t taste disgusting. It will just be like taking your morning vitamins. 


Tinctures put mushrooms into liquid form. The oil can be mixed into your morning coffee or tea or even taken directly with the dropper. This is the most fast-acting method so you’ll feel the benefits quickly. 


Capsules also remove the taste of mushrooms and can be a great option for beginners because there is no math or guesswork involved. The capsules are pre-measured, so you can simply take one in the morning and go about your day. It’s a convenient, easy way to microdose. 


If you have difficulty ingesting capsules, gummies offer another great option. Gummies are the best-tasting option in our product line and also deliver fast-acting results.

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